Monsees Group excels at providing the tight tolerances, exacting specifications for features and finish, and detailed documentation and paperwork required to produce components for the aerospace industry. We are familiar and experienced with a number of aerospace-grade materials, including 7075 aluminum, titanium and a number of plastic composites.

Some examples of component categories in which we can contribute demonstrable value:

  • Fastening: Custom nuts, screws and sealing
  • Motion control: Precision shafts, couplings, bushings and drives
  • Position control: Kinematic assemblies for leveling an positioning
  • Flow control: Specialized manifolds, pump housings and valves
  • Optics: High-precision optical assemblies made from specialized materials

Components for Aerospace applications are produced to more exacting standards that many other advanced manufacturing industries.  Review the capabilities of our Precision Components team to see how we meet those requirements:

  • High-precision, short-run production with repeatability from lot-to-lot
  • 5-axis and 7-axis machining for complex geometry (see facilities listing).
  • Complete process documentation and traceability
  • Well-appointed, professional inspection and production finishing facilities
  • A Long-standing reputation for high quality and near-zero defect rates

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