Our Story

Monsees Group is a team of highly skilled machinists and supporting professionals that has been providing precision machining services for almost 40 years.

Based in Rochester, NY, we are part of an advanced manufacturing community at the forefront of machining high precision, leading-edge components and assemblies. We have built a strong reputation for delivering high quality products, in flexible production volumes, with consistent, on-time delivery. We pride ourselves on, quite simply, doing what we say we will do.

Monsees has extensive expertise in a broad range of machining equipment and processes. We are continually investing in new equipment and professional development, to ensure that we are always ahead of evolving customer needs. Our comprehensive, in-house complement of machining equipment makes nearly any feature or tolerance possible, while our well-appointed inspection department and professional information systems can validate and document our results to an accuracy of 0.0001”.

Using our “tactical team” approach, Monsees Group serves a number of industries, including optics/photonics, aerospace, metrology, injection molding and machine tools. We have historically focused on engineering support, prototypes, initial production runs and ongoing short-run production for high-precision applications.

Our culture and values have been forged in an environment that demands perfection. We look forward to meeting your next challenge.

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