Monsees Custom Machining focuses on solutions for customers who are developing a new, or one-time-only product, and require a precision machining partner who can deliver parts at a high level of quality, 100% to specification, on time.

The “MCM” team is the product of Monsees’ traditional tool and die heritage, and is often where customers begin their work with us. There are skilled resources at Monsees who can bring unparalleled experience and understanding to your custom machining project, with a specific focus on the following:

  • Custom optical assemblies
  • Test assemblies, instrumentation and fixtures
  • Injection molding details
  • Punches, dies, and die assemblies
  • Custom machinery and machine-tool sub-assemblies
  • Fluid control

If needed, our Technical Services team can provide design and manufacturability support and consultation, and when projects move into ongoing/repeat production and require a broader scope of services, we can engage our Precision Components team.

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