Monsees Technical Services team leverages our experience and resources to help customers ensure proper and appropriate design, and confirm that components or component designs meet required specifications.

This includes contract inspection, reverse engineering and solid design for existing, undocumented components, materials, heat treatment and finish consulting, process recommendations, and basic assembly and test. These are, of course, standard with any and all of our production work, but are also offered as standalone services to customers with specific development or pre-production needs.

Assembly and Test: We work with a number of partners to provide optical assembly development, from concept to initial production, and including design for manufacturing, fabrication, assembly and test.

Typical applications include machine tool, tooling, and mold detail replacement parts, prototype design and consultation on critical components, inspection for validation or reverse engineering design, as well as contract services for assembly and test.

Our “MTS” team experts are often engaged to bridge gaps between design, development, engineering and manufacturing. This is why customers often think of Monsees as an extension of their own business departments. We can provide consultation through every step of the project, then make the parts to meet our own, high standards – and yours.

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