Why Monsees

footer-logo2Since 1977, we have been proud to be considered a valued supplier to some of the best companies in their industries. These customers turn to Monsees Group time and time again, because of the five simple “Core Commitments” that guide our business:

  •  A commitment to doing what we say we will do and keeping the promises we make.
  •  A commitment to always putting our customers’ needs ahead of our own, and offering our services accordingly.
  •  A commitment to finding the best solution to any challenge… even if it’s not the easiest solution.
  •  A commitment to hiring the very best people and providing them with an environment in which they can excel.
  •  A commitment to doing work that we are proud of, every time.

“I am proud of Monsees because we bring the same effort every day and to every customer. It’s that consistency and the seriousness with which we take our jobs that makes us stand out.”
– Jason Spurling, President, Monsees Group

We are consistently investing in people, equipment and new technologies to deliver on our commitments. Below is an example of what that investment allows us to offer:  

  • A strong line of multiaxis CNC equipment (View our complete facilities listing).
  • Highly accurate grinding machines, Wire EDM machines and related equipment to finish tight tolerances.
  • Experienced, hands-on programmers, engineers and tool makers to communicate and work as a team to complete highly complex projects.
  • Well-equipped temperature and moisture controlled inspection department.
  • Well-defined quality process and company-wide accountability to quality.
  • A proprietary ERP system that can be modified to accommodate customers’ needs.
  • Dedicated resources research, implement and reinforce each customer’s unique requirements.
  • Real-time monitoring of order progress and inventory.
  • Dedicated customer support.
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